Innisfree Bamboo overnight mask


Hey, guys, it’s time for another review. Wow I know I’m on a roll! So a while ago I did a massive Innisfree hall. I’ve been playing around with what I got for a while. Instead of reviewing them as a whole I thought it would be better to review them on there own since they are all so different.

So today’s review is on the Innisfree bamboo overnight mask! This mask is enriched with bamboo and other naturally sourced ingredients.

This mask is meant to be a soothing yet mosit3erisng mask that helps nourish the skin overnight.

To apply the facemask is super easy just use your fingers. It comes in a little tub in gel form so it applies super easy and it is super refreshing. Just make sure you have washed your face and cleaned your hands. 

The texture of the gel is similar to aloe vera gel, very watery and goopy. On your face, you don’t really feel anything since it is so quickly absorbed.

This one had a really sweet smell, not like bamboo at all which was pretty odd. It was strong at first but it did calm down over time.

I love the little pots they are so easy to carry around and they are mess free. The best part about them is that they are recyclable! I also like how you can reseal them to keep the mask fresh!

When I woke up my I admittedly almost forgot to wash it off since it felt like there was nothing there. At first, before washing my skin felt dry and crusty but I guess that would have been the mask. After washing my face my skin felt so soft. It didn’t look any different but it felt different. I did find that my makeup seemed to sit better on my skin since it was so moisturised. Its a win for me.

Coming in at $3 it is so damn worth it! They may look small but they last for 4-5 applications. You can get it here.

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
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5 thoughts on “Innisfree Bamboo overnight mask

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  1. Dear prettypeach where are you???
    I miss reading your reviews from week to week. I hope you are okay.
    Take care 🍑❤️🍑


  2. Oooh just the thought that this mask is resealable is a reason for me to want it. I am a huge fan of Aloe Vera (reeeeally pale skin = sunburn = dependency on aloe 😉 )
    Even if it doesn’t do much for the skin it is nice to know that it feels good.

    I hope everything is ok on your side. Take care of yourself and have a good 2019 ❤


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