Salt Rooms- What are they?


Hey guys, sorry for the late post. I’ve had some issues. my leg to be exact it’s a little………..broken. But hey that means I have heaps of time to write reviews now!

So today I will be talking about one of my favourite things in the world- SALT ROOMS.

What is a salt room you ask? Well, its a room filled with salt. But not just any salt its special medical grade dry salt, usually from caves which have a range of health benefits. Its ideal for breathing issues or when you have a cold since it breaks up all the gunk in your chest/nose/lungs. Not only that but it is great for your skin! If you have acne you’d know that swimming in the ocean helps to remove acne. Why? It’s THE SALT.

So being winter/spring here it is prime time for colds and flu. Salt therapy is a life savour for this as it doesn’t completely get rid of it but it helps clear your nose and its damn relaxing. I love to go there after work to unwind.

What it is, is a big room with salt lamps and salt and there is a machine that blows salt through the air. You breathe it in deep to get the most benefits. The place that I go dulls the lights so you get the soothing glow of the salt lamps and they also play calming music. The best part of it all is the massage chairs. It makes the whole experience super relaxing. 

Salt rooms are becoming more and more popular throughout the world but they originated in Europe. They are often called Halotherapy which is derived from the Greek Word salt. Why are so many words derived from Greece? 

Anywho salt therapy can be a little costly. Where I go its $45 for a one-hour session, however, you can buy a membership which is a little cheaper- which is what I have done and I get unlimited sessions. If you are someone with breathing problems or prone to colds then salt therapy is so damn worth it!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx.

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