Kracie Hanabisei Adult Acne Care Facemask


Hey, guys guess what an actual review! I know weird right. Today I’ll be talking about the Kracie Hanabisei Adult Acne Care Facemask.

The Kracie Hanabisei Adult Acne Care Facemask is made for adult acne care and aims to help prevents recurring adult acne breakouts and acne scars. This mask is formulated with Vitamin C for brightening, Glycyrrhizin for anti-inflammatory properties, green tea extract and collagen for moisturising and lemon to help speed up skin cell turnover. Wow, so much good stuff!

I found this sheet mask super easy to apply. The sheet itself was thicker than normal sheet masks which I really like. I personally have a lot of trouble with sheet masks I always rip them when I unfold them but with this being thicker it was way easier. It’s also really big so it reaches every part of your face. This one reached right under my chin and parts of my neck which I found super cool! So you can leave it on for 5-15 minutes or 20 if you have really dry skin. I decided to do the full 20 because I always choose the longest recommended time for sheet masks.

It had a lovely fruity smell. I found the smell whilst strong was very relaxing. Almost like aromatherapy

This mask suggests that it will help with acne and brighten your skin. So when I took it off my skin had not changed at all which I was kind of sad. Since my skin can be quite red some sheet masks work straight away, however, the next day I woke up and my skin looked great. It felt hydrated. Any little acne spots I had were not as red as before and my skin was glowing.

Coming in at $16.00 You can get it here.

I really liked this facemask. The smell almost doubled as an aromatherapy for me and the results were great! I loved waking up to the results the next day and what got me the most was how the fabric of the sheet mask was thicker than normal. I think this is a real winner guys! 

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