How To Grow Your Nails!



This week seems to be all about growing things. Growing your hair, growing your nails! One thing that I have been obsessed with lately is my nails. I personally always get SNS on my nails since it not only makes my nails stronger and look good, it has made them grow really fast but it made me wonder, how else can you grow strong thick nails. My nails without SNS are pretty weak so I thought Id give it a go. 

Simply Nailogical does a great video on how to grow your nails so I recommend you check that out. It’s what I somewhat followed to grow my own. 

Cristine recommended using jojoba oil which is really good for your nails, however I couldn’t find any and the ones that I ordered off eBay looked kind of funky so what I did was use Bio Oil. That’s right the stuff for your stretch marks. I found that keeping the nail and the nail bed moisturised with Bio Oil really helped improve the strength and length of my nail. I also really like the smell of Bio Oil which is a bonus.

Another tip that Cristine recommended is using hand moisturiser then putting gloves over your hands why you sleep. I tried it and it was super weird so I just used my super fast absorbing moisturiser before bed. It did the trick.  

I think that the trick is to just keep your hands and nails moisturised. I did hear that if you get your hands wet it can weaken your nail so try to wear gloves whenever you know your hands will get wet like when you do the dishes.

I have done this for about 1 week and I have not noticed nay significant change yet. I will have to post a follow up about this method later on.

That’s all from me.
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  1. I have just regrown my nails after killing them with false nails and tons of nail glue… The regret is real. 😭

    I also watched Cristines’ video – I have probably watched all of her videos while doing my nails for hours 😂 – and I use Bio Oil all the time. If you find any miracle cure or have new revelations – let me know ❤

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  2. I’ve been considering for a while if I should a post on how to grow and strengthen your nails 🙂 I’ve been a nail biter for around 8 years until I finally stopped a couple of years back. My nails are a lot stronger stronger sincer and grow long in a short time.

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