Massage and Hair Growth. The benefits of massage for hair growth!


I love a good massage, In fact I get a massage every week! But did you know that massage actually has beauty benefits? Not only does it help reduce stress and feels amazing it also stimulates hair growth! That’s right hair growth!!

By getting a head massage the blood circulation in your scalp increases which helps stimulate new hair growth. Now you don’t have to pay someone to get a massage you can simply do it yourself!

One way which is what I like to do after I have had my hair in a pony tail for a long time, involves using all your fingers and putting them into your hair and gently pulling on it. You should feel the tension but you should not pull until it hurts. Remember, massages should be a pleasant experience.

Another great way to stimulate hair growth is the tapping massage. I like to dip my fingers into some coconut oil and then touch my scalp with my fingertips and start tapping gently but in a relatively fast rhythm. I find that the coconut oil is helpful for moisture and hair growth. 

I often like to get a massage from my local Chinese massage place. I find they use a combo of both methods and I find it so relaxing. It is also pretty cheap as well. 

Not only is massage food for hair growth but I love how relaxing it is. I find it to be a little treat at the end of a long week of work. 

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