How to Start a Blog Part 2- Starting a Blog on WordPress


Where did I leave off last time? Oh right, how to set up a blog on WordPress. It’s pretty easy, and no this is not sponsored at all. This is going to be a short yet sweet post.

I am not going to lie I chose WordPress because it was the first thing that popped up in google when I started my website but I am glad that I chose it. It’s really easy to use.

So once you have decided what you want to blog about you just sign up with WordPress and then it will ask you what the name of your site is, what it will be about and what the goal of your site. It will then ask you what you would like the domain to be. Now if you are using WordPress for free your domain will have in it. For example, if I used WordPress for free my blog would be

You also have the option to buy a domain name from a domain hosting site but man that’s too confusing for me. You don’t have to buy a domain but it does look better to be rather then Personal preference I guess. Then you pick one of the 4 WordPress plans. The personal one is free however the other 3 plans cost money and that is how you get a domain through WordPress. Each plan has different features which you can read about if you just google plans.

Now that you have set up your website its time to pick a theme. Themes in WordPress are either free or paid for. I feel like a commercial right now haha. So I believe that if you upgrade to the 2nd highest plan all the paid themes are free. You can customise every theme there is and the free ones are pretty cute so it just depends on personal taste. That’s it really it’s pretty easy to set up a blog!

So next time ill chat about styling your blog and what I use for photo editing, logo creation and my header image. 

I hope you enjoy this short and sweet post! I hope it has been helpful to someone in some way!

That’s all from me.
Until next time xxx
Sign Off

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